We carry an assortment of fine treats, toys, accessories, and bedding your dog (and cat) will love!

Emphasis is given to natural ingredients and environmentally-friendly materials in designs that will appeal to the discriminating Cowboy & Cowgirl Doggie!

Daycare Top Choice Toys:

  • West Paw Designs  They are super durable, especially the Tux & Jive ball.  If 50 dogs playing with them daily doesn't wreck them, we are sure you will appreciate the durability for your pooch!
  • We also LOVE Busy Buddy's Bristle Bone & Bouncy Bone.  It is the ultimate for big chewers, with a durable construction & edible disks!  Plus, it helps clean the dogs' teeth as they chew on the "nobbies".  The daycare dogs compete for their turn with these toys!  Mojo, the Golden Retriever, will even lay on it to make sure no else gets it!

Daycare Top Choice Treats:

  • Nothing Added is a Canadian Company offering "single ingredient, all natural pet treats with nothing added".  Our dogs love the Duck Feet, and Chicken Breasts.  You will love the quality products at reasonable prices!
  • This & That is another Canadian Company (yay Canadians!!).  We carry their 100% naturally shed Deer antlers in three sizes.  The dogs love the challenge of chewing on these and you will appreciate the durability.
  • Fruitables Skinny Minis: great size for training.