Toby Tobias Hamilton  (June 15/91- July 25/07)

My dear Toby was the original Four-legged Cowboy, being the inspiration behind the making of Whisker's Urban Ranch.  He was a happy independent gentleman who taught us to Wake Up & Wag.  This Cocker Spaniel/Terrier X was a common sight in all the parks around town, especially Beaver Lake and Esquimalt Lagoon, causing everyone to comment "he looks so happy".   For a little dog he had a big adventurous life, with camping and hiking the Islands to a private plane ride in Alberta.  Every hour was his Happy Hour, but especially at 9pm, when he would wake off the couch and start dancing around for a cookie or, his favourite, a piece of Mini-Wheats!  It's a tradition we carry on in his honour.  Get up and dance!  It's Happy Hour!!

Libby LouLou Hamilton  (Dec. 15/94 - May 20/08)

Miss Libby LouLou was my sweet snowpea princess.  She came to our family when she was three and quickly warmed our hearts with her spunk and fiestiness.  For a little Maltese she was fearless and independent; from willing to take on big dogs to defend her big-brother Toby to taking on the challenge of climbing Mt. Finlayson, nothing got in her way.  She taught us that with the right attitude you can accomplish anything!  She loved dancing, hiking, chasing her growly bear, and her treat of choice was chicken.  She was crazy about anything chicken!!  Zippy zippy was her attitude and lifestyle.  May we all be a little LouLou every now and then!

Buster (1989-2007)

Dear ole' Buster was a sweet friend of ours, and to everyone he met.  He loved making new friends, playing along the shoreline, and any treat he could get a hold of!  He taught us to enjoy the simple, quieter enjoyments of life, like watching the ducks on the water and the fluttering leaves on the park trail.  He was an inspiration to all of us, that no matter how old or how tired you feel you just got to give it your best every day.  Thank you Buster for spending time with us.

Kelly (1994-2008) 

Kelly was a dear friend of ours.  As a charming gentleman, with beautiful eyes, he loved the Ladies and would get all frisky when they were near!  He taught us that you are never too old to fall in love or make new friends.  This boy loved to sing for his supper and any other treats he could coerce!  Despite his age, he was always happy to go for a walk and a sniff of fresh air.  Fresh air, good treats and good friends.  What more can anyone ask for?!  Thanks for your company Kelly.

Hobbs (1993-2009)

Mr. Hobbs (left), with his brother Coco, loved to go walking all through his life.  He enjoyed a special celebration along the waterfront for his 16th birthday.  Everyone loved his big eyes and little teeth sticking out in his smile.  Hobbs was quite a trooper at daycare, preferring to be among all the young energetic dogs instead of resting with the seniors.  He taught us that if we keep our minds young and active, then our bodies should hold off aging as well.  Mr. Hobbs we love and miss you.

Jake (1993 - 2010)

Dear Jake, respectfully referred to as Grandpa Jake, departed in January.  He started coming to the Ranch in December 2008.  After he went fishing with his Dad in the morning, he would come to daycare every day, Monday to Friday, where he enjoyed the company of his fellow seniors and watching the young 'uns play.  He taught all the pups along the way to respect their elders; they would share their blankets if he needed a soft spot to rest and moved out of his way as he meandered to the watering hole.  Often we would find Jake asleep on a bed surrounded by balls the pups had brought as offerings!!  Jake was a dear 'ole Cowboy.  We miss him as he rides off into the sunset.  Ride on Cowboy Jake... Ride on.

Maxine Mabel Hamilton (1998 - July 2010)

Maxine was Glenda's slave driver!  She was instrumental to the original organization of the Ranch.  She was Glenda's first foster dog, but not being able to part with her, Glenda just had to adopt Maxine who was already at the ripe 'ole age of 10.  Maxine helped Glenda get the Ranch ready for opening in 2008, and was there every day to meet the new dogs & keep the rowdies in line.  Her specialty was to be Glenda's break monitor; to ensure she didn't work to hard and took time to have a break, Maxine would "ha-roo", as only a Husky can do, everytime she thought it was cookie time.  Those beautiful russett-coloured eyes are dearly missed, but her smile and song live on in our hearts.

Tigger C (1994 - 2010)

Tigger was one of Whisker's first Cowboys.  He was a pet-sitting client of Glenda's before she opened the Ranch, and came to daycare for sleepovers once the Ranch was open.  Tigger was surprisingly agile for his old age; still loving to play with stuffies and go for brisk walks.  When he wasn't wondering around the Ranch, he loved to snuggle in a lap and rub his whiskers all over us, making his mewing sounds.  Dear Tigger's "go get 'em" attitude is greatly missed.

Lacey (1995 - 2010)

Beautiful Lacey was a lady; ever so gentle & sweet....except when a cookie was offered!  Then she would push her way in and grab it!  Her lesson to us was "don't underestimate the quiet ones", they can be just as lively as anyone.  She, and her previously departed brother Tao, started coming to the Ranch near its inception, offering sweetness and grace to those around her.  We can just imagine she & afore mentioned Grandpa Jake strolling together in doggie-heaven, making the perfect Cocker couple.

Tigger P (1997 - 2010)

Tigger's favourite thing to do at daycare was to keep the reception desk chair warm and supervise who was coming in the door.  HIs sleepy eyes and smiley face warmed our hearts.  Tigger taught us that the elderly are a vibrant force to be reckoned with!  Tigger thank you for spending your time with us.

Ginger (1994 - 2010)

Ginger loved to come to the Ranch for sleepovers, so she could spend time with her fellow senior friends.  She was a very active girl right to the end.  She would walk in big circles around each room until she found her favourite water bowl or bed.  Ginger was always happy and welcomed a snuggle, but not for too long...she had things to do!  Ginger taught us perceiverance; if you keep trying you just might find what you are looking for.  Thank you Ginger.

George (2001 - 2011)

Georgy George came into our hearts as a foster dog when he was picked up by the Pound as an old stray.  After a lot of medical attention to fix his sore ears, bad skin and obesity, he was happily adopted into a very loving family where he spent his last few happy months.  We all loved George's happy face, and the way he would stop us dead in our tracks by pushing his big head into our legs for an ear rub.  He loved playing with his big friends, loved going for very very slow walks & sniffing everything his big nose would scent out, and getting & giving a lot of love.  Thank you George for spending a very brief part of your life with us.

Jayda (Mar. 2010 - Apr. 2011)

It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Jayda.  She was such sweet and affectionate girl, who acted shy at first but would soon be wresling with her friends.  She was a contridiction of terms; patient when waiting for her meals but impatient to get hugs and muzzle-rubs.  Jayda will be missed by all who were graced with her love and happiness.

Dusty  1996 - 2011

Dusty loved to spend his vacations here at the Ranch, where he supervised the front desk area and cuddled with the other seniors.  He loved going outside for brisk, high-stepping walks right to the end of his days - no strollers for this guy!  His motto: good exercise and lots of love keep you young at heart.

  Czar 2005 - 2012

Czar was one of our original Cowboys, being one of the first to come to our daycare!  He would bust through the door, so happy to come play with his friends, and run straight back to the beachroom.  We would hear a big splash as he bounded into the wading pool, to bob for balls with his other pool-buddies.  We all loved Czar's big happy smiling face, and gorgeous mane!  As you see from this photo, everyone loved Czar.  We are sad to hear of his early demise, but are very happy to have been part of this big Alf-y-galufy's life.

 Panda 1999 - 2012

Panda was also one of our original Cowgirls, joining us in 2008.  She was such a sweet, fun-loving gal.  After greeting all the dogs, she would immediately pick up her favourite kind of ball, and drop it at our feet.  Game on!  This was a game she never tired of, all day, everyday!  Finally, as she got older, she could be seen resting, as she is in this photo, but only for a short while.  There were balls to be played with!  We miss your happy, go lucky spirit Panda bear.  Thank you for playing with us for as long as you could.



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