Meet the Whisker's Urban Ranch Staff: Ranchers

 Head Rancher:

Owned & Operated by Glenda Hamilton, Certified Veterinary Assistant and fourth generation animal lover. She has 29 years experience with pets, having the pleasure of helping them through all stages of life. She has had years of experience working with all sizes and breeds of dogs, and cats, who had varying degrees of temperaments and medical needs. She delights in the transformation of a shy pet blossoming into a social butterfly, through her acts of kindness, understanding and patience.

Office Manager

Oreo Willoughby is our 13 year old handsome devil, who loves to greet the women from the front desk.   With a face like a Teddy Bear and a voice of an Ewok, it is love at first sight!  He looks shy, but when he warms up he loves a good game of rough and tumble, with his toys, like all Cowboys do.   

Fellow Ranchers:

Ron: Assistant Manager

Ron, along with his dogs Scrappy & Gromi, love to meet & greet all the new visitors.  Besides tending to the care of pets, Ron is also the facility maintenance Guru.  If it needs fixing, Ron will think of a way to do it.  And with all of these pups around, there is always fixing to do!  He especially loves "fixing" a shy dog into a happy, confident one.  Congratulations Ron on your 3rd year anniversary at the Ranch!


Sam's favourite part of working at the Ranch is the pack walks. She loves getting out there and seeing dogs big and small get into the pack mindset!


RIP: We are very sad to announce the passing of our Momma Bear July 22nd, 2010.

Maxine Mabel, Certified to keep the rowdies in line!  She was rescued from the lonely streets of Victoria, and adopted from Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders in 2008.  As a 12 year old gentle giant of Husky and German Shepherd lineage, she was a comfort to the little guys and a friend to the larger ones.  She quickly became central to the organization of our Ranch as the Alpha Dog.  Many of the daycare doggies learned their manners from our Momma Bear.  We will miss her in so many ways, especially her announcement of meal times with a resounding "ha-roo", that only a Husky can do!  Long Live our Queen.

Belle of the Ball

RIP: We are very sad to announce the passing of our Annie Bella on Oct 16, 2011

Annie Bella was our newest addition.  This 15 year old Cocker Spaniel graciously shared her space with anyone who needed a soft spot to rest, and was thankful to those who moved over for her too.  Though a little blind and a little deaf, she could still hear the cookie jar opening.  So when we saw Annie on the run it must be cookie time!!  She always delighted us with her "boogey woogey" dance for her dinner at 5pm, and her overly enthusiastic way of making her "nest".  We will miss seeing her shuffling around the daycare in a bright warm sweater, and a flower clip on her collar.  Shuffle on Dear Girl, Shuffle on...

With 24 hour supervision the cowboys and cowgirls are sure to be safe, happy and well-loved while enjoying themselves at our engaging and entertaining doggy daycare.

Come on in and meet the gang!

Photos by Glenda Hamilton. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2014